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Communal Kiddush Sponsorship

Please join us for our Communal Kiddush in honor of the Siyum Hashas on January 4th.

 For any questions, please contact

Thank you to all our sponsors!!

Circle of Giving Participants


Leah & Jonathan Adler




Rachel & Howard Antosofsky

Tirza & Ariel Bayewitz

Ruth Levi & Robert Carroll

Shelley & Leeber Cohen

Yocheved & Bennett Deutsch

Cindy & Aaron Dobrinsky

Shera & Douglas Dubitsky

Pam & Ronald Ennis

Bina & Yossi Faber

Leora & Martin Fineberg

Shira & Howard Forman

Joy & Michael Goldsmith

Aviva & Jay Gross

Ruth & Daniel Hartstein

Miriam & Gabriel Hermann - in acknowledgment of Gabe having finished Daf Yomi for the second time.

Barbara & Simcha Hochman

Janet & Kenneth Hoffman

Becky & Avi Katz

Dana & Erik Kessler

Chanie & Jeffrey Kohn

Susan Fader & Lawrence Krule

Leora & Jonathan Kukin- in honor of Leora: Learning Shas for the first time was a monumental endeavor. Thank you for your encouragement and support in this shared life experience. I could not have completed it without you.

Riki & Seth Landa - in commemoration of yahrzeit of Seth's father, Rabbi Samuel Landa z"l.

Faye Landes - in honor of all the Rinat members who are finishing Shas.

Sheila & Meyer Last

Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum

Dina Gielchinsky & Adam Loskove

Tammy & Paul Malek

Shari and Ranon Mann

Ora & Dani Meier

Gail & Terry Novetsky - in memory of Gail's father, Norbert Holler z"l.

Passi Rosen-Bayewitz

Sharon Barth & Naftali Ratzersdorfer

Michelle Ritholtz

Sheryl & Bruce Schainker- in commemoration of Bruce's parents' yahrzeits, Arnold Schainker z"l on January 15th (30 years) and Molly Schainker z"l on February 4th (28 years).

Rena & Menachem Schnaidman

Suzy & William Schwartz- in honor of our son Sammy completing Shas.

Leah & Itzy Silver

Debbi & Mark Silverman- in commemoration of their fathers' yahrzeits, Jack Silverman, Yakov ben Yosef Halevi and Leo Goldschmidt, Yehudah ben Yona.

Elke & Kalman Stein- in commemoration of the 19th yahrzeit of Eli. L. Stein z"l.

Debby & Mark Teicher

Gail & David Weiss - in honor of our newest granddaughter, Tobi, born November 7th to our son and dil Eli and Esti Weiss of Southfield Michigan. Newest sister to Aryeh and Abby.

Susan & Mark Wiesen

Rebecca & Daniel Wolf

Rena & Josh Zelig- in honor of Rena's Father, Zev Goldstein, and all the Rinat members who are finishing Shas.



Isaac and Wendy Shulman – in memory of Rav Chaim ben Pinchas Eliyahu z”l.



Alexis, Jordana, Leora and Tova- in honor of Alan , Jonathan, Larry and Stuart. Your study of daf yomi is our daily inspiration.  From bakasha to hodaya, we share the journey of everlasting friendship and Talmud Torah.

Carrie & Stanley Cooper- in honor of Robert Soskel, a"h, and Eliyahu and Abby Cooper for their committment to learning Shas.

Linda & Leib Koyfman- In honor of our new grandson, born to Shifra and Alex Rabinovitch.



Nechama and Ari Eckman - in honor of my wonderful family for their tremendous support and encouragement as I complete Shas.

Mati and Aaron Friedman - in honor of the upcoming marriage of their sister/sister-in-law Frada Mark to Phillip Stieglitz.

Elli and Harris Goldstein - to Rabbi Adler for inspiring and disseminating Torah learning at Rinat and beyond.



Judy Golowa David and Sheldon David

Caren & Michael Graber

Jordana and Stuart Levi

Leslie and Glen Marianko – in commemoration of the 2nd yahrzeit of Glen’s father Isaac, Yitzchak Mordechai ben Moshe Boruch v' Chana Gitel Albert z"l on 22 Tevet, Sunday 1/19.

Chani & Daniel Oshinsky

Susan & Michael Richmond- in honor of the fellow attendees of the Daf Yomi Shiur.

Jennifer Saal

Seymour Schulman

Linda & Michael Stock

The Uretsky Family



Shari & Philip Klein

Tanya and Gary Krim -  in commemoration of the yahrzeit of Gary's father Eliezer Tzvi ben Pinchas Asher z"l.

Sharon & Eric Rosen



Tzipora Bracha and Jeffrey Levin - in honor of our children, Shaina and Peretz     

Andrea and Yosef Nissel and Family - in honor of Yosef Completing the Daf Yomi Cycle - Yasher Koach!



Sara & Edson Atwood - in honor of our shul learners       

Malkie & Peter Benson - to continued health and well-being of Rabbi Adler

Desiree & Michael Epstein- in commemoration of the upcoming Yahrzeit of Desi's father, Alfred Weisz, z"l.

Miriam & Josh Goldsmith


Sun, August 1 2021 23 Av 5781