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Communal Kiddush Sponsorship

Please join us for our Spring Communal Kiddush on April 6th.

 For any questions, please contact

Thank you to our all our sponsors

Circle of Giving Participants
Leah & Jonathan Adler
Tirza & Ariel Bayewitz
Shelley & Leeber Cohen
Carrie & Stanley Cooper
Yocheved & Bennett Deutsch
Cindy & Aaron Dobrinsky
Pam & Ronald Ennis
Bina & Yossi Faber - In memory of our grandparents: Rose Rosen (Rashka bat Yaakov) Irving Bayewitz (Yitzchak Meir ben Moshe Zvi) and Frieda Faber (Freida bat Chaim)
Leora & Martin Fineberg
Shira & Howard Forman - In honor of the Tampa Bay Rays of MLB and Team Camp Shalom of TBO.
Joy & Michael Goldsmith
Ruth & Daniel Hartstein
Barbara & Simcha Hochman - In Honor of Barbara’s birthday.
Janet & Kenneth Hoffman
Becky & Avi Katz - In memory of my grandfather Yona Farber (yona ben rav aryeh leib)
Chanie & Jeff Kohn
Susan Fader & Lawrence Krule
Leora & Jonathan Kukin - In honor of Tirza Bayewitz for initiating and organizing the Women’s Megillah Reading and the outstanding ba’alot kriya.
Riki & Seth Landa
Faye & David Landes
Sheila & Meyer Last -On the yahrzeit of Sheila’s father, Eliezer ben Baruch Nachman Hochman.
Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum
Tammy & Paul Malek
Gail & Terry Novetsky
Sharon Barth & Naftali Ratzersdorfer
Michelle Ritholtz
Rena & Menachem Schnaidman
Debby & Mark Teicher
Rena & Josh Zelig

Grand Slam
Cynthia & Abe Steinberger

Home Run
Mati & Aaron Friedman - In commemoration of the 10th yahrzeit of Mati's father, Rabbi Abraham Insel, Harav Avraham Yoel ben Pinchas z"l, who saw Babe Ruth point with his bat to the outfield bleachers before his at-bat and then hit a home run to where he had pointed.

Jenn & Jeff Berman - In honor of Yosef's engagement to Becky and Carolyn's engagement to Jake!

Linda & George Hiltzik
Debbi & Lee Krantzow - In honor of the birth of our grandsons: Miles, son of Ariele Krantzow and Ben Hyman, and Milo, son of Michael and Melissa Krantzow.
Yael & Dan Kryzman
Leslie & Glen Marianko - 8th yahrzeit of Glen's mother, Bernice Bertie Marianko.
Sheryl & Bruce Schainker - 30th yahrzeit of Sheryl's father, Al Zimbalist.
Leora & David Secemski - In honor of Rose and Elisheva's birthdays.
Ilana & Moshe Wertenteil & Family - In memory of Ilana's grandmother Rachel Bat Tzvi Yehuda a"h and Moshe's grandmother Rivkah Bat Aharon Yosef a"h who share the same yahrzeit, 19th of Nissan.

Maureen Ash and Family - In commemoration of the FIRST yahrzeit of my mother, Pauline Schreiber and thanking my Rinat family for their support all year.
Rachel & Aaron Brotsky - On the yahrzeit of Aaron's mother,  בריינא בת צָדוֹק
Shana & Owern Cyrulnik - In honor of Avigayil's Bat Mitzvah.
Judy Golowa & Sheldon David - In honor of our joining the Rinat Community.
Drs Pnina and Eric Distenfeld - In honor of Eliana's 2nd birthday
Carolyn & Danny Diller
Joan and Warren Enker 
Miriam Holmes & Stephen Gelb - In honor of Leora and Jonathan Kukin
Jordana & Stuart Levi 
Laya & Bernard Levine - On the yahrzeit of Laya's Mom,Tzipora Rivka bat Chaim Hakohen.
Shari & Ranon Mann - In memory of our uncle Gerard Vichniac
Sara & Yossi Prager - Wishing all of the TBO players, coaches and board members a great season!

Bat Mitzvah Party Zone
Tzivia Bieler 

Elke & Kalman Stein - In honor of our grandson Asher making aliyah this week  
Tzipora & Jeffrey Levin
Laurie & Thomas Phipps - In memory of my mother, Ruth Lerner, whose yahrzeit is Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

Sara & Ed Atwood - In honor of all our Rinat friends
Shari & Philip Klein


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