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summer Communal Kiddush Sponsorship

Please join us for our Summer Communal Kiddush on August 17th.

 For any questions, please contact

Thank you to our all our sponsors

Adina and Rabbi Ezra Wiener in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Zev Wiener.
Cecile and Michael Wollman in honor of Charlie's Aufruf.

Circle of Giving Participants
Leah & Jonathan Adler -  in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Zev Wiener
Passi Rosen-Bayewitz
Tirza & Ariel Bayewitz
Shelley & Leeber Cohen
Yocheved & Bennett Deutsch - צאתכם לשלום to Shlomo.
Cindy & Aaron Dobrinsky
Pam & Ronald Ennis
Bina & Yossi Faber -  in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Zev Wiener
Leora & Martin Fineberg
Shira & Howard Forman - in honor of Jonathan Kukin and Bina Faber.
Joy & Michael Goldsmith - to commemorate the 3rd yahrzeit of Benjamin Choresh z"l.
Ruth & Daniel Hartstein
Barbara & Simcha Hochman - in honor of Jonny’s new position as Past President and in appreciation of his service to this shul.
Janet & Kenneth Hoffman
Becky & Avi Katz - in honor of Elana Katz.
Dana & Erik Kessler 
Chanie & Jeff Kohn
Susan Fader & Lawrence Krule - in commemoration of the 20th yahrzeit of Seymour Fader  - Shimon Yirmiyahu Ben Aryeh Leb. z”l.
Leora & Jonathan Kukin - in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Zev Yekutiel Wiener.
Riki & Seth Landa
Faye & David Landes - in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Zev Wiener.
Sheila & Meyer Last
Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum
Tammy & Paul Malek
Gail & Terry Novetsky
Sharon Barth & Naftali Ratzersdorfer
Michelle Ritholtz
Debby & Mark Teicher - in honor of our newest granddaughter, Millie Celia Frager.
Rena & Josh Zelig

The Fleish
Tova & Larry Cohen - in honor of Zev Wiener reaching gil mitzvot.  Mazal tov to the entire Wiener family.

Corn on the Cob
Carrie and Stanley Copper

Fries On The Side
Leah & Itzy Silver and Family - in honor of Zev Wiener becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Slice Of Watermelon
Carolyn and Danni Diller 
Tammy and Moshe Greenberg - in honor of Zev Weiner becoming a Bar Mitzvah.
Lisa and Adrian Gulich
Michal and Avi Operman
Chani and Daniel Oshinsky
Debbie and David Schiff - in tribute and gratitude to the indefatigable Jonathan Kukin.
Linda and Michael Stock - in honor of Talia, Eitan and Lianna Markovitz.
Ann and Shlomo Sudry - in commemoration of the yahrzeit of Avner Ben Eliyahou z"l.
Lorraine and Sam Vogel - in honor of our grandchildren Ariella, Eitan, Kaylee & Benji. 
Lisa and Hillel Wiener - in honor of Zev Weiner.

Thu, August 22 2019 21 Av 5779