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IDF Kiddush 2023

Dear Friends, 

On April 29th, Shabbat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim, we will hold our annual IDF kiddush weekend in memory of our beloved son, Ilan Tokayer z”l, commemorating his 12th yahrzeit. Every year, this event gives us an opportunity to honor the 103 members of our Rinat community who either have served or are currently serving in Tzahal, including 14 in active service. We are so grateful to witness how Ilan’s ideals live on through their commitment to our shared values, and through our support of that commitment.

This year, funds raised from the kiddush will go toward an exciting new program at Rinat. This coming fall, we will have the honor of hosting a group of IDF veterans in partnership with Peace of Mind, an initiative that provides time and space for IDF combat veterans to process their experiences. While service in the IDF is a powerfully positive experience for many, exposure to combat can also result in emotional distress, which Peace of Mind plays a crucial role in helping veterans process. An important part of the group therapeutic process takes place while the unit is hosted by a Jewish community overseas, where distance from Israel and support from the community helps create a safe, focused and supportive environment. Peace of Mind strengthens the emotional and mental wellbeing of IDF veterans so that they can transition from military to civilian life in a healthy way.

Rinat is and has always been a values-driven community. Hosting Israeli soldiers will give us an opportunity to exercise these values, concretely, and make a tangible difference in individual lives. As a host community, Rinat will join the many communities in the US that have already successfully participated, and will have the privilege of interacting with IDF veterans during their NY/NJ visit, including meals, programming and other occasions to hear from them firsthand. We are excited to facilitate this powerful and personal connection between congregants and IDF veterans. Please contact Rabbi Strauchler to join the planning committee, which is currently in formation.  

A portion of the funds will again be used to sponsor a shabbat meal for lone soldiers, and to provide financial support for Rinat members to visit, or attend a special ceremony of, their children serving in the IDF. As we do every year, we will sponsor the IDF Kiddush in full so that 100% of your donation will go directly toward these initiatives and the Teaneck Peace of Mind program.

Trauma and grief can be isolating, and one can only change and evolve with the support of others. Your support of this year’s project will lead to many IDF veterans obtaining their “peace of mind.” Every name and every donation carries both a communal and personal impact, both for these veterans and for our family. We hope that we can count on you to participate, in any way, in this shared goal together.

With heartfelt appreciation,
Reva and Aaron Tokayer 

Please note:Use the opportunity this year to donate in honor of extended family and friends who have or currently are serving in the IDF to be recognized on our donation list.


 If you have any children or grandchildren currently serving in the IDF who do not appear on our list of honorees, please email their names directly to


Alternatively, please make checks payable to Rinat (IDF noted in the memo) and mailed to 
Congregation Rinat Yisrael
389 West Englewood Ave
Teaneck, NJ 07666
If your child(ren), is a current or past member of the IDF and are not listed below, please e-mail

IDF soldiers 2023

Avi Bursztyn, Tzanchanim, 2023, son of Shari and Damian Bursztyn

Lior Chasid, Merkova, 2013, grandson-in-law of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Hadar Deutsch, Sheirut Leumi, Gittit, granddaughter of Yocheved and Bennet Deutsch

Ayelet Fischer, Sheirut Leumi Shalva, 2022, daughter of Judith and Zevi Fischer

Meital Fuksbrumer, Sheirut Leumi Shalva, 2021, daughter of Deena Yellin and Moshe Fuksbrumer

Elitzur Gitler, Tanks, 2022 , grandson of Susie and David z”l Gitler

Reuven Gross, Intelligence, 2002, grandson of Tuly and Nechama Polak

Meital Klavan, soldier’s welfare, 2018 granddaughter-in-law of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Moshe Klavan,  Tanks, 2022, grandson of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Liora Krohn, Sheirut Leumi, Beit Elazraki, 2021 grandaughter of Risa and David Krohn

Ari Milgram, Kfir Gedud Shimshon, 2023, son of Adina and Jonathan Milgram

Elan Schwartz,  Golani, 2022, grandson of Bayla and Moe Tilson 

Eli Moshe Zimbalist, Combat Engineer, 2023, grandson of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Coby Zwebner, Combat Engineer, 2022, grandson of Marilyn and Joseph Bench

Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783