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Communal Kiddush Sponsorship 


Please join us on January 12th, 2019, as we welcome our new Executive Director, Elissa Yurowitz
and thank our incredible CSS team

Ed Atwood Barbara Hochman
Brent Baer Bernard Levine
Amit Bejar Paul Malek
Chaim Birman Michael Markel
Hillel Caplan Yitzi Markel
Nissan Clark Larry Milstein
Eli Davidovics Etzion Neuer
Juda Engelmayer Simeon Oppenheim
Michael Epstein Chaim Rapps
Yaakov Erlichman David Secemski
Mitchell Esral Shari Chana Spivak
Joshua Goldstein Michael Stock
Adrian Gulich Yehuda Weiss
Daniel Hartstein Robert Wind


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Thank you to our sponsors;

Circle of Giving Participants;

Shelley and Leeber Cohen

Carrie and Stanley Cooper

Yocheved and Bennett Deutsch

Cindy and Aaron Dobrinsky

Pam and Ronald Ennis

Bina, Yossi, Shalva, Yaakov and Emunah Faber in memory of Yaakov Yitzchak ben Meir v’Pessi Zaidie Jack Rosen and Sara Miriam bat Chaim Binyamin Oma Shari Gluck

Leora and Martin Fineberg

Shira and Howard Forman

Joy and Michael Goldsmith

Ruth and Daniel Hartstein in memory of Ruth's poppy, Irwin Strauss

Barbara and Simcha Hochman in commemoration of the Yartzeit of Barbara’s father, Noe Gidali

Janet and Kenneth Hoffman

Becky and Avi Katz

Chanie and Jeffrey Kohn

Susan Fader and Lawrence Krule 

Leora and Jonathan Kukin - Welcoming our Executive Director, Elissa Yurowitz and in honor of our dedicated CSS volunteers 

Riki and Seth Landa in honor of all the circle of givers participants.

Faye and David Landes in honor of Avi Katz

Sheila and Meyer Last on the occasion of the Yartzeits of Meyer’s parents, Lillian and Sheeya Last.

Tammy and Paul Malek

Gail and Terry Novetsky

Naftali Ratzersdorfer and Sharon Barth

Michelle Ritholtz

Rena and Menachem Schnaidman

Debby and Mark Teicher - Mazel Tov to Yissie Kirshner on his Bar Mitzvah.

Rena and Josh Zelig


ליגת העל Super League 
Cecile and Michael Wollman - In Honor of the Yartzeit of Michael's father Harold Wollman

Pro Bowl
Miriam Holmes and Stephen Gelb - To Honor the Rabbis and the Chesed committee
Debbie Pine & Mark Orenshein - Yartzeit of Harry Pine
Debbie and David Schiff - In honor of the engagement of Ilana Schiff and Noam Safier
Deborah & Mark Silverman - Yahrzeit of Debbi’s Dad- Leo Goldschmidt - Yehuda ben Yonah, ע״ה

English Premiership
Maureen Ash - In commemoration of the 17th Yartzeit of Dr. Jeffrey Ash, In honor of the CSS, Maureen Ash and family
Sara and Edson Atwood - To commemorate the Yahrzeits of Morris and Bobby Yarmak and in honor of our CSS team.
Lisa and Adrian Gulich - Thank you CSS team!
Debbie & Yankie Klahr - Thank you CSS team!
Laurie and Tom Phipps - In honor of the Marriage of Avinoam Teplow-Phipps to Elana Litwin
Sharon and Eric Rosen - Welcoming Elissa Yurowitz
Janet & Mattis Stavsky - The 4th Yahrzeit of Janet's mother, HaRabbanit Alta Chana bat Reb Asher Zelig HaLevi

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Zone
Tammy and Paul Malek

Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779