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Teen Kiddush Sponsorship

Established in 2012, Teen Minyan serves as a shabbat morning Makom Tefilla for our 7th-12th graders. The minyan was founded with the hope that every teen would feel comfortable & be excited about participating in, and/or leading, different parts of the Shabbat morning services.

Under the leadership of Shmuel Bak along with college age mentors, Teen Minyan averages a crowd of 80-100 teens each Shabbat. They have gladly taken ownership over the minyan, serving as Gabbaim, Baalei Tefilah and Kriyah, and occasionally delivering Divrei Torah.

The minyan is followed by a delicious Kiddush where the teens are able to socialize and enjoy each other’s company. In addition to the weekly service, the Teen Minyan also gathers throughout the year for additional activities, such as:

•Friday night oneg with Rabbi Weiner

• Tisch in the Sukkah

•Cholent competition

•Guest Speaker program, welcoming Rebbeim and teachers from different schools to deliver a shabbat morning drasha

Rabbi Dov Levinson -

Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784