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Rinat offers its members access to graves in Bergen County at highly competitive rates. Our cemetery is located in Paramus, NJ. Graves can be purchased when the need arises, or can be reserved on a pre-need basis. The following rules and procedures have been adopted as of June 2021 governing the purchase of graves. If you are interested in reserving a grave on a pre-need basis please complete the form below.

For cemetery map, click here.


  • To purchase graves, you must be a full member of Rinat, in good standing for 3 years, or one year and have paid the building fund in full.
  • Graves may be bought for parents by members, as defined above. Affiliate members are not entitled to purchase graves.
  • Reservation and  payment for a grave only entitles the member to be buried in the Rinat cemetery; it does not guarantee a specific grave location. The Chevra reserves the right to change plot locations until one family member has been buried.
  • Graves for unmarried children can be bought at the time of need, at the member price, but not sold/reserved in advance
  • Graves are not transferrable.
  • Members have the right to return plots for a refund of 65% of the amount originally paid.
  • Graves that are not used return to possession of the Rinat Chevra (without any refund).


  • Graves must be paid for at the time of reservation. Any graves that have been reserved and not been paid for in full within 30 days will revert to the Chevra‚Äôs possession.


  • The cost of graves for members is $750.
  • The cost of graves for parents of members is $1,500.


  • A gravestone should be erected within 12 months of kvura (burial) and may be done as early as seven days after kvura.
  • The Rinat cemetery committee should be contacted by the gravestone vendor. The committee will provide the vendor with the grave location.
  • Application for a permit for the erection of a gravestone must be submitted to the cemetery committee by the vendor.
  • The design, inscription and dimensions of the monument must be approved by the Rabbi and the cemetery committee. After approval, a permit will be issued to the vendor for the setting of the foundation and the erection of the gravestone.
  • The maximum permitted height of a gravestone monument is 48 inches.
  • The purchase of a grave does not include maintenance. This must be arranged with the cemetery.


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