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IDF Kiddush 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.  

It was our intention to have the annual IDF kiddush this coming shabbat in memory of our beloved son, Ilan z”l, and in honor of the 83 members of our Rinat family that have served in the IDF, including 17 on active duty. In past years, we described the projects that Rinat has been blessed to contribute to through the IDF kiddush, and a similar tzedakah initiative was planned for this year.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we decided that at this time, it is most important to focus on the needs of our neighbors and friends. We have therefore opted to take the same contribution that would have gone toward the kiddush, and donate it to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, to aid Rinat members who will most benefit from financial support at this time.

Our goal for the IDF kiddush has always been to bring the community together in friendship and celebration by recognizing our chayalim and chayalot, and through a community-wide tzedakah project that feels meaningful to Ilan’s memory.

While the shuttered doors of the shul and the unknown amount of time for social distancing don’t allow us to have the kiddush at this time, our efforts continue:

  • Everyone is encouraged to join us in reaching out to our families with lone soldiers. For those with children quarantined at their bases, it feels especially isolating to be so far away. Your personal support is so emotionally strengthening at this time.
  • Last year, Rabbi Adler began a tradition of sending divrei torah to our members in the IDF each Rosh Chodesh, and he continues to do so.
  • We are including the listing of Rinat soldiers below as a recognition and celebration of their commitments to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.   
  • For those looking to contribute in honor of any of the members on the list, we suggest adding to private donations to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund toward financial relief for the Rinat community

We feel confident, and those that knew him personally would agree, that Ilan z”l would have been on the frontlines in finding creative and meaningful ways to contribute during these difficult and uncertain times. 

We look forward to better circumstances next year so that we can continue our efforts together in a communal setting.

Reva and Aaron Tokayer



IDF soldiers 2020

Dael Bejar, Golani, 2018, son of Amit and Deborah Bejar

Gabi Benchabbat, Yahalom, 2019, son of Carolyn and Danny Diller

Gideon Benchabbat, Tzanchanim, 2018 son of Carolyn and Danny Diller

Yonatan Benchabbat, Tzanchanim, 2019, son of Carolyn and Danny Diller

Chana Brody, Engineering Intelligence, 2014, daughter of Marcy Millman and Simcha Brody

Lior Chasid, Shiryon, 2015, grandson-in-law of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Shira Gelb, Duvdevan 2019, daughter of Miriam Holmes and Stephen Gelb

Meital Gitler, Intelligence, 2017, granddaughter of Susie and David a”h Gittler

Yehudah Fuksbrumer, Golani, 2016, son of Deena Yellin and Moshe Fuksbrumer

Eitan Klavan, Shiryon,  2019, grandson of  Miriam and Irving Klavan

Menachem Klavan, Tanks, 2015 grandson of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Leora Kohn, Tanks, 2017, daughter of Jessica and Yehuda Kohn

Zachary Kohn,  Combat Engineering, 2019, son of Jessica and Yehuda Kohn

Asher Chaim Krohn, Nativ, 2019, grandson of Risa and David Krohn

Raanan Kwalbrun, Shiryon, 2018, grandson of Tzivia Bieler 

Tzvi Silver, Air Corps, 2017, son of Leah and Itzy Silver

Asher Stein, Intelligence, 2019, grandson of Elke and Kalman Stein


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Sun, September 27 2020 9 Tishrei 5781