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IDF Kiddush 2021

Dear Friends, 

On April 17th, Shabbat Tazria-Metzora, we will hold our annual IDF event in memory of our beloved son, Ilan Tokayer z”l, on his 10th yartzeit.  This event gives us an opportunity to honor members of our Rinat community who either have served or are currently serving in Tzahal. To date, we are honoring 88 members that have served in the IDF, including 19 on active duty.  Through their commitment to our shared values, and through our support of that commitment, we are grateful to witness Ilan’s ideals live on.

This year’s program will feature a “COVID friendly” kiddush as well as two exciting virtual events. On Motzei Shabbat, we will show “Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew”, an inspiring film about an Ethiopian Jew who explores his roots and rises in the ranks of the IDF. On Sunday morning, noted Israeli historical tour guide Shuli Mishkin will lead an exciting virtual tour of the sites of the Israeli War of Independence.  To access either of these events, click here.

This year, the IDF kiddush will raise funds for the Lev LaChayal Program , a yeshiva center for religious lone soldiers. As Yeshivat Lev Hatorah started to see an increase in students enrolling in the IDF after their gap year, the rebbeim recognized the difficulties students had in navigating the physical, emotional and spiritual needs that come with being a religious lone soldier. Thus, Lev Lachayal was founded in 2015. While it was started by Lev HaTorah faculty, it’s program is open to all religious lone soldiers. In addition to supporting religious, social, and housing needs of dati IDF volunteers, Lev LaChayal supports soldiers’ religious growth both in preparation for, and during, their service, fostering a supportive community of lone soldiers. As a result, each individual receives the spiritual, ideological and physical preparation necessary to allow him to make his maximum contribution to the IDF, whether it’s an ulpan for strengthening his Hebrew, personal guidance in immigration bureaucracies, or a physical apartment with caring dorm parents and hospitable families nearby. The program currently services 42 incoming lone soldiers and 60 that are on active duty. We are looking forward to Rabbi Dudi Winkler talking about Lev LaChayal on zoom before our virtual program.

The Lev Lachayal program is especially close to the hearts of the Lieber, Silver, and Kooijmans families, whose sons Nafi ,Azi, Tzvi and Benjamin are supported by the program. Yoni Lieber shared the peace of mind he feels as a parent, knowing that an organization is caring for their sons: “Knowing that our kids are looked after by the Lev Lachayayl program allows us to feel that the Mi Sheberach L’Tzahal is coming to fruition every week.”

In addition, we are joining a communal effort to raise tzedaka for Special in Uniform, a unique program that integrates young people with autism and other disabilities into the IDF, and in turn, into Israeli society. These individuals are selected for jobs in the IDF that are tailored to their specific skill set.

We are so excited by these meaningful, personal projects and continue to sponsor the shabbat events in full so that 100% of your donations support IDF organizations.  As non-profits, they depend on donations to significant impact, and  we specifically choose organizations for which Rinat’s contributions will make a difference.

We are deeply moved and grateful that our community continues to honor Ilan’s memory in this way.  What makes this kiddush both financially successful and so personally uplifting to us is that everybody contributes in whatever way they can.  We would be honored to have 100% participation from our membership.  We hope that we can count on you, in any way, in this shared goal together. 

With heartfelt appreciation,
Reva and Aaron Tokayer 

Please note: If you have any children or grandchildren currently serving in the IDF, please email their names directly to so we may honor them this year.

If your child(ren), is a current or past member of the IDF and are not listed below, please e-mail
Alternatively, please make checks payable to Rinat (IDF noted in the memo) and mailed to 
Congregation Rinat Yisrael
389 West Englewood Ave
Teaneck, NJ 07666


IDF soldiers 2021

Talya Agus, 2020, Egoz combat unit, grandaughter of Rella Feldman

Ben Antosofsky, Golani, 2021, son of Rachel and Howie Antosofsky

Dael Bejar, Golani, 2018, son of Amit and Deborah Bejar

Gabi Benchabbat, Yahalom, 2019, son of Carolyn and Danny Diller

Yonatan Benchabbat, Tzanchanim, 2019, son of Carolyn and Danny Diller

Chana Brody, Engineering Intelligence, 2014, daughter of Marcy Millman and Simcha Brody

Lior Chasid, Shiryon, 2015, grandson-in-law of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Simi Glicksman , 2019, Sheirut Le'umi , Etgarim. Daughter of Marcy and Stephen Glicksman

Yehuda Gross, 2021, Intelligence, Grandson of Nechama and Tuly Polak

Shira Gelb, Duvdevan 2019, daughter of Miriam Holmes and Stephen Gelb

Eitan Klavan, Shiryon,  2019, grandson of  Miriam and Irving Klavan

Menachem Klavan, Tanks, 2015 grandson of Miriam and Irving Klavan

Benjamin Kooijmans, Shiryon, 2021, son of Elisabeth and Yochanan Kooijman

Zachary Kohn,  Combat Engineering, 2019, son of Jessica and Yehuda Kohn

Asher Chaim Krohn, Nativ, 2019, grandson of Risa and David Krohn

Dovi Kwalbrun, Shiryon, 2020, grandson of Tzivia Bieler 

Raanan Kwalbrun, Shiryon, 2018, grandson of Tzivia Bieler 

Azi Lieber, Handassa, 2021, Son on Yoni and Elana Lieber

Yonadav Rimberg, Golani  2021, son of Elit and Jonathan Rimberg

Tzvi Silver, Air Corps, 2017, son of Leah and Itzy Silver



Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyar 5781