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Source Materials

Parshat Hashavua Shiur - Rabbi Shai Finkelstein - Thursday, June 22nd, 8:30pm. "Jewish Politics and the Battle for Favorable Public Opinion." click here

Breakfast and Learn with Rabbi Strauchler - Tuesday, June 6th, 9am. click here

Dr. Shay Pilnik - Sunday, June 4th, 8:45am. "Art As Witness: The Work and Remarkable Survival Story of Esther Lurie" click here

Yoetzet Halacha Nechama Price - Shabbat, June 3rd, 6:50pm. "Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me a Match: Arranged Marriages by Chazal" click here

Shavuot - Rabbi Jeremy Wieder - Shabbat, May 27th, 7pm. "Torah miSinai: What must an Orthodox Jew Believe?" click here

Shavuot - Yoetzet Halacha Rivka Alter - Shabbat, May 27th, 6pm. "Jewish Leadership in Neviim Rishonim: United or Divide" click here

Tikkun Leil Shavuot - Aaron Brooks - Shavuot May 25th, 3:45am. "The Unbroken Link to Moshe Rabbeinu: What the 16th Century Semicha Controversy teaches us about the Mesorah" click here

Tikkun Leil Shavuot - Nathan Light - Shavuot May 25th, 2:45am. "How נעשה ונשמע "we will do and we will hear" led to the Golden Calf" click here

Tikkun Leil Shavuot - Rabbi Ezra Wiener - Shavuot, May 25th, 12:45am. "An Analysis of the Prohibition Against Bearing a Grudgeclick here

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier - Monday, May 22nd 8:30pm. "Gemara B'Iyun Shiur on Maseches Bava Kamma" click here

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag - Sunday, May 21st, 9:15am. Matan Tora - 1 Day, 3 Days, 40 Days or 1 Year? Re-examining when the 'Torah was Given' vs. 'How the Torah is Written. click here

Rabbi Ezra Wiener - Shabbat, May 20th, 6:35pm. "Residence in Israel: Navigating the Bayit and the Shalom Bayit" click here

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier - Monday, May 15th 8:30pm. "Gemara B'Iyun Shiur on Maseches Bava Kamma" click here

Parshat Hashavua Shiur - Rabbi Michael Taubes - Thursday, May 11th, 8:30pm. "How Relevent are the Reasons for the Mitzvos?" click here

Rabbi Wiener's Topics in the Weekly Daf Yomi - Wednesday, May 10th, 8:15pm. click here

Parsha Hashavua Shiur - Dr. Nathan Light - Thursday, May 4th, 8:30pm. "Tefilah in Tanakh: Israel's Chosen Status and the Friday Night Kiddush Controversy." - click here

Rabbi Moshe Taragin - Sunday, April 23rd, 8:45pm. "Rav Lichtenstein's View of Religious Humanism." - click here

Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier- Monday, April 17th, 8pm. "The Halakhic Status of Yom HaAtzmaut." - click here

Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter- Sunday, April 16th, 7:30pm. "Reckonings" - click here

Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel- Wednesday, April 12th, 6:15pm. "The Ashkenazic Compiler of our Tosafot to Massekhet Berakhot: Real or Imagined?" - click here

Rabbi Noach Goldstein- Shabbat, April 8th, 5:55pm. "Second Chance or New Opportunity: Understanding the Pesach Sheni." - click here

Rabbi Seth Schmulowitz- Thursday, April 6th, 6:10pm. "A Penny for your Thoughts" The Role of Kavanah in Mitzvos." - click here

Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter- Sunday, April 2nd, 7:45pm. "Seeking Redemption on the Holiday of Redemption: Reflections on the Tenth Yahrzeit of Rabbi Herchel Schacter, z'l." - click here

Parsha Hashavua Shiur- Thursday, March 2nd, 8:30pm. Rabbi Yaakov Blau- "Minor Characters in Megillat Esther." - click here

Remembering Rabbi Moshe Kahn z'l- Sunday, February 19th, 11:45am. Rabbi David Nachbar- "Talmud Torah D'yachid, Talmud Torah D'rabim: Teaching Individuals, Creating Community." - click here

Rememebering Rabbi Moshe Kahn z'l- Sunday, February 19th, 11:10am. Rabbi Gedalyah Berger"Moshe Rabbeinu Hakohen: The Inauguration of the Avodat Hamishkan."- click here

Remembering Rabbi Moshe Kahn z'l- Sunday, February 19th 10:35pm. Professor Nechama Price - "The Complexity of Being Different: Moshe and Yosef" - click here

Parsha Hashavua Shiur- Thursday, February 16th, 8:30pm. Rabbi Chaim Hagler.- "An Eye for an Eye; Really?"- click here

Dr. Yael Ziegler- Sunday, February 12th, 8:45am "Does Sefer Tehillim Tell a Story?" - click here

Parsha Hashavua Shiur—Thursday, February 9th, 8:30pm. Rabbi Jeremy Wieder - click here

Parsha Hashavua Shiur—Thursday, February 2nd, 8:30pm. Dr. Nathan Light “Tefilah in Tanakh: God's Kingship from Shirat Ha'Yam to our Amidah.” - click here

Parsha Hashavua Shiur—Thursday, January 12th, 8:30pm. Tzvi Berman “Yaacov’s Dream Part II: Migdal Bavel in Egypt?”  - click here

Sunday, December 26th- Rabbi Moshe Kurtz. "A License to Lie? Sugarcoating and Censorship in Jewish Education & Outreach." - click here

Sunday, December 4th- Rabbi Menachem Leibtag. “The Biblical ‘Ger”- Jew or Gentile? And Why It Makes A Difference.”- click here

Thursday, December 1st- Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Tzvi Berman. "On The Road to Haran: An Intersection of Parshanut, Linguistics, Archeology and Geography in the Interpretation of Jacob's Dream."- click here

Thursday, November 24th- Dr. Yehuda D. Galinsky, “Of Four that are One: The Evolution of Jacob ben Asher’s Four Turim.”- click here

Sunday, November 20th- Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, “Parents and Children: In This World and the Next.”- click here

Sunday, November 20th- Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Leibowitz, Pietism, Pragmatism, and Frigid Medieval Winters: The Tale of a Halakhic Innovation and its Continued Influence Today.” - click here

Thursday, November 10th- Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Strauchler- click here

Sunday, October 2nd - Rav Michael Rosensweig - click here

Thursday, September 22nd- Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Murray Sragow, "Sodom in Nitzavim, Vayera, Neviim, and Machshava." - click here

Tuesday, September 20th- Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter Shiur, “On Feeling a Closeness to G-d: Preparing for the Yamim Noraim.” - click here

Shabbat, September 17th- Pre-Mincha Shiur, Yossi Graber- click here

Shabbat, September 10th- Pre-Mincha Shiur, Rabbi Carmi Horowitz- click here

Shabbat, September 3rd- Pre-Mincha Shiur, Rabbi Effy Unterman- click here

Shabbat, August 27th- Rabbi Dr. Barry Kislowicz- click here

Shabbat, August 20th- Dr. Nathan Light- click here

Thursday, July 21st- Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Jonathan Ziring- click here

Shabbat, July 15th- Pre-Mincha Shiur, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan- click here

Thursday, July 14th, Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Yehuda Halpert- click here

Shabbat, July 9th- Pre-Mincha Shiur, Yosef Gillers- click here

Monday, July 4th - Rabbi Dr. Alex Ozar - click here

Shabbat, June 11th, 2022- Amichai (Isaac) Roszler- click here

Monday, May 30th, 2022 - Dr. Kimmy Caplan - click here

Thursday, May 26th, 2022, Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Yaakov Blau- click here

Thursday, May 12th, 2022, Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Jeremy Wieder- click here

Sunday, May 1st, 2022, Rabbi Taragin - click here

Thursday, April 28th, 2022, Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Mark Gottlieb- click here

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, Rabbi Strauchler's Tenach Shiur- click here

Sunday, April 10th, 2022, Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter- click here

Shabbat, April 2nd, 2022 - Rabbi Hayyim Angel - click here

Sunday, March 27th, 2022 - Rav Gigi - click here

Sunday, March 20th, 2022, Yael Nitzanim - click here

Thursday, March 10th, 2022, Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg Shiur- click here

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Rabbi Shlomo Stochel- click here

Sunday, February 27th, 2022, Dr. Leeor Gottlieb- click here

Thursday, January 27th, 2022, Rabbi Yehoshua Katz - click here

Thursday, December 24th, 2021, Rabbi Rafael Aspir.- click here

Thursday, December 9th, 2021, Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Rabbi Strauchler.- click here

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, Chanukah Shiur with Rabbi Strauchler.- click here

Thursday, November 25th, 2021, Mindy Schwartz Zolty. - click here

Thursday, November 18th, 2021, Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Rabbi Yaakov Blau.- click here

Thursday, November 11th, 2021, Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Rabbi Yehuda Chanales.- click here

Sunday, October 31st, 2021, Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter Shiur.- click here

Thursday, October 28th, 8:30pm, Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Rabbi Michael Taubes.- click here

Monday, October 25th, 8pm, Dr. Daniel Rynhold Shiur. - click here and click here

Shabbat, October 23rd, 4:30pm, Pre-Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Eli Cohn. - click here

Shabbat, October 16th, 4:40pm, Pre-Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Dr. Matisyahu Shulman. - click here

Shabbat, October 2nd, 5pm- Pre-Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen. - click here

Thursday, September 30th, 8:30pm - Rabbi Strauchler's parsha hashavua shiur "Kayin and Hevel" - click here

Tuesday, September 21st, 5:50pm - Suzanne Cohen - click here

Sunday, September 12th, 9:30am - Rabbi Michael Rosensweig - click here

Shabbat, September 11th, 7:05pm- Rabbi Strauchler's Shabbat Shuva Drasha. - click here

Motzei Shabbat, August 28th, 11:59pm- Pre-Selichot Shiur with Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank. - click here

Thursday, August 19th, 2021- Parshat Hashavua with Rabbi Yehoshua Katz. "The Individual and National Right of the Firstborn"  - click here

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 - Rabbanit Michelle Farber daf yomi - click here

Shabbat, July 31st, 6:40pm. Pre-Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Maccabee Avishur. “Is Color War Breakout אסור?” - click here

Thursday, July 29th, 8:45pm. Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Rabbi Jeremy Wieder. "And That Which He Did to Datan and Aviram (Deut. 9:6) - The Power of Machloket." - click here

Shabbat, July 24th, 6:45pm. Pre-Mincha Shiur with Dovid Schwartz. - click here

Thursday, July 15th, 8:45pm. Parshat Hashavua Shiur with Yossi Prager. - click here

Monday, July 5th, 8:55am. Rabbi Donny Besser. "Bentching on a :חצי כוס A Key to Galut Survival." - click here

Shabbat, July 3rd, 6:55pm. Pre-Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Scott Hoberman. “When Keeping Kosher isn’t Kosher: Limits on a Noahide’s Mitzva Observance.”- click here

Shabbat, June 26th, 6:55pm, Pre-Mincha Shiur with Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Jaffe. "Did Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein Conceive of More Equal Avenues of Religious Expression for Women?" - click here

Thursday, June 24th, 8:45pm, Rabbi Tully Harcsztark- click here

Sunday, June 20th, 8pm, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler, Shev Shemateta 101 Shiur- click here

Sunday, June 13th, 10am, Rabbanit Dena Rock, Shev Shemateta 101 Shiur- click here  

Monday, May 31st, 9:30am, Rabbi Eitan Bendavid, "The Italian Rabbi Who Refused to Cover his Head:
The History and Mystery of the Kippah"
- click here

Sunday, May 30th, 10am, Rabbanit Devorah Evron's Shev Shemateta 101 Shiur- click here

Thursday, May 27th, 8:35pm, Rabbi Michael Taubes' Parshat Hashavua Shiur- click here

Sunday, May 23rd, 8pm, Tova Warburg Sinensky's Shev Shemateta 101 Shiur - click here

Sunday, May 9th, 10am- Avigail Gross Gelman's Shev Shemateta 101 Shiur- click here

Sunday, May 2nd, 8pm- Rabbi Adler's Shev Shemateta 101 Shiur- click here

Thursday, April 29th, 8pm- Parshat Hashavua Shiur, Rabbi Yehuda Halpert- click here


Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783