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Pesach 2024

Selling Chametz

Selling Chametz Form - click here

Chametz Sale Hours. Rabbi Strauchler's office

  • Sunday, April 14th, 9-11am
  • Tuesday, April 16th, 8-9:30pm
  • Sunday, April 21st, 9-11am


If you would like to be set up for a Seder or meal over Pesach please contact Esti Shafar at (917) 291-9912 or or Lisa Rothschild at 917-443-6739 or

Pesach Events

Yoetzet Halacha Dr. Nechama Price—Shabbat, April 13th, 6pm. “Cup of Eliyahu, Chair of Eliyahu: Why Do We Invite Eliyahu to our Celebrations?” Sponsored by Reva & Danny Judas and Family in commemoration of the 37th yahrzeit of their dear son, Pesach ben Yehudah Doniel v’Reva Brocha, z”l. May his memory be a blessing. Main Shul.

Rabbi Michael Rosensweig—Sunday, April 14th, 8:45am. “The Centrality and Character of Mizvat Akhilat Matzah during the Mikdash and after the Hurban”. Sponsored by Marilyn & Joseph Bench commemorating the 58th yahrzeit of Dovid Aryeh ben Yosef Hacohen Bench OB"M on י”א Nisan, and the 24th yahrzeit of Yakov Shmuel ben Moshe Dovid Aryeh Solomon OB"M on כ”ב Iyar. Beit Midrash or Zoom by clicking here.

Community Shaimos Drive—Sunday, April 14th, 11am-3pm. $10 minimum. $10 grocery bag, $20 small box, $35 grocery box. Rinat Parking Lot.

Matza BakingSunday, April 14th, 4:30-5:30pm. Pricing: Member-$50/Person, Affiliate Member-$60/Person. To register and for more details, click here. 70 Sterling Place, Teaneck.

Hagalat Kehillim—Monday, April 15th, 8-10pm. Rinat Kitchen.

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier's Pre-Pesach ShiurMonday, April 15th, 8:15pm. “Why no Matza on Erev Pesach? Unbridled Enthusiasm for Crunch Time”. To sponsor, click here. Beit Midrash.

Hagaddah Night and Pesach Q&A with Rabbi Strauchler and Rabbi Wiener—Wednesday, April 17th, 8pm. Sponsored by Eileen & Daniel Raab in commemoration of the 5th yahrzeit of Eileen’s beloved mother, Cyntia Uvlin, Zisel bat Moshe and Faige Rivkah, z”l. To submit a question, click here.

Shabbat Hagadol Drasha—Shabbat, April 20th. “Why Do They Hate Us? What Pesach Teaches Us About Antisemitism.” Morning Drasha: Shabbat Hagadol Drasha Part 1-Preview: Shabbat Morning at Every Minyan. Shabbat Hagadol Drasha Part 2-7:20-8:20pm.

Pre-Pesach Communal LuncheonShabbat, April 20th, following the 9am Minyan. Pricing: Member-$20/Kids (3-12) $40/Adults & Teens, Affiliate Member-$25/Kids (3-12) $50/Adults & Teens, Non-Member-$30/Kids (3-12) $60/Adults & Teens. Register or sponsor by Monday, April 15th by clicking here. Social Hall.

Youth Pre-Pesach Trip to Urban AirSunday, April 21st, 9am. To register, click here.

Rabbi Gedalyah Berger—1st Day of Pesach, Tuesday, April 23rd, 6:10pm. “A Machlokes to End All Machlokes: The Mysterious Splitting of Hallel at the Seder” To sponsor, click here. Main Shul.

Rachel Roth—2nd Day of Pesach, Wednesday, April 24th, 6:10pm. "Our War Time Responsibility as Pro-Israel Americans" To sponsor, click here. Main Shul.

Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel—7th Day of Pesach, Monday, April 29th, 6:15pm. “What if the Authors of אקדמות and יציב פתגם for Shavuot had Composed Similar Piyyutim for the Seventh Day of Pesach?” To sponsor, click here. Main Shul.

Neti Penstein—Last Day of Pesach, Tuesday, April 30th, 6:15pm. "What is an Egg Doing on My Seder Plate? The Message of the 'Chagiga of the 14th'." To sponsor, click here. Main Shul.

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