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Schedule Pinchas: July 11 - July 12 (Tammuz 13 - Tammuz 14)

Erev Shabbat, July 11 (Tammuz 13)
6:30a Shacharit
7:30a Shacharit
9:00a Shacharit
7:00p Mincha/Maariv
7:15p Candle Lighting
8:12p Candle Lighting
8:15p Mincha/Maariv

Shabbat, July 12: Pinchas (Tammuz 14)
7:00a Shacharit
8:15a Rambam Shiur
8:30a Shacharit
9:00a Shacharit
9:17a Sof Z'man K'riyat Sh'ma
10:30a She'elot U'teshuvot Shiur
10:30a Daf Yomi
2:00p Mincha
6:30p Mincha
6:55p Amud Yomi
6:55p Shiur Pre-Mincha
7:55p Mincha/Maariv
9:10p Havdalah

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Rabbi Adler has asked the congregation to read and support the efforts in this article.


Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780