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Welcome Back and Thank You to Our Backyard Minyanim Host Families

Thank you to our sponsors


Circle of Giving Participants

Leah & Jonathan Adler





Tirza & Ariel Bayewitz - in memory of Tirza’s grandmother’s yahrzeit - Hannah Schlanger z"l. 

Ruth Levi & Robert Carroll

Rebecca & Eytan Chen

Shelley & Leeber Cohen

Peggy & Art Cottrell 

Yocheved & Bennett Deutsch - Thanks to Doni Strauss for all your help!

Cindy & Aaron Dobrinsky 

Pam & Ronald Ennis

Bina & Yossi Faber 

Leora & Martin Fineberg

Shira & Howard Forman

Mati & Aaron Friedman

Joy & Michael Goldsmith

Tammy & Moshe Greenberg

Aviva & Jay Gross - Many thanks to all those who opened their yards to the Mispalilim of our community. We want to extend a special thank you to the Deutsch , Eckman, and Friedman families for hosting us.

Ruth & Daniel Hartstein

Miriam & Gabriel Hermann

Barbara & Simcha Hochman - Thank you to our backyard minyan hosts who kept us going throughout the pandemic: Joy and Michael Goldsmith, Andrea and Rabbi Yudi Rosenbaum, Elie and Iris Borger, Jay and Ora Forman, and and Tamara and Steve Mermelstein.

Janet & Kenneth Hoffman

Becky & Avi Katz

Dana & Erik Kessler - In commemoration of the 20th yahrzeit of Milton Kessler, Menachem Mendel ben Aryeh Leib z"l

Chanie & Jeffrey Kohn

Susan Fader & Lawrence Krule

Leora & Jonathan Kukin - With gratitude to Joy & Michael Goldsmith and family on creating our beautiful mini community over the past 2 years.  

Riki & Seth Landa

Faye Landes - In honor of the high holiday seating committee 

Sheila & Meyer Last

Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum

Dina Gielchinsky & Adam Loskove

Tammy & Paul Malek

Shari & Ranon Mann

Ora Bayewitz-Meier & Daniel Meier

Gail & Terry Novetsky

Sharon Barth & Naftali Ratzersdorfer

Susan & Michael Richmond - In loving memory of Hannah Schlanger, חנה בת אפרים, on the occasion of her 12th yahrzeit on Shemini Atzeret. 

Michelle Ritholtz

Passi Rosen-Bayewitz 

Sheryl & Bruce Schainker

Rena & Menachem Schnaidman

Suzy & William Schwartz - - in thanks and appreciation to the Mermelstein and Forman minyanim, and in honor of our new granddaughter

Leah & Itzy Silver

Debbi & Mark Silverman 

Debby & Mark Teicher - In honor of Yocheved and Bennett Deutsch

Amy & Chanan Vogel

Gail & David Weiss

Susan & Mark Wiesen 

Daniel & Rebecca Wolf

Rena & Josh Zelig and family

Lydia & Lionel Zuckier - Thank you to the Formans and the Mermelsteins



Jennifer & Jeffrey Berman - In memory of all who perished on 9/11/2001 and all who have fallen protecting the Homeland.

Miriam, Josh, Eitan, Ami and Sarah Goldsmith - Thank you to the Warwick Minyan & Maitland Minyan for providing us a safe & inspiring makom tefilah!

Chani & Daniel Oshinsky



Judy & Moshe Bernstein

Yankie & Debbie Klahr - A big hakarat hatov to our Beit Basseches family and kol hakavod to the Eckman minyan

Shari & Philip Klein

Avital & Rabbi Chaim Strauchler

Beverly & Avromy Strauss - Kol Hakavod, Yocheved and Bennett, for providing a haven of normalcy in crazy times.

Beth & Victor Wittenberg



Nechama & Michael Cohen - Thank you Jay!

Lisa & Adrian Gulich

Amy Lazar & Steve Schaffer

Russi & Jason Shor - Thank you to the Eckmans, Kesslers and all the other hosts!




Miriam & Elie Berman - In honor of Paula & Howie Friedman, the Gabbaim, and the amazing members of K"K Chasidei Maitland

Cindy & Kenny Hamburger  

Risa & Ephraim Prince - Thank you to the Koslowes ,Epsteins, Feits & The Minyan

Michael & Carol Roth - In honor of Emilia and Alex

Jon & Helen Shankman - The Basseches Family and Minyan

Janet & Mattis Stavsky - Lichvod Paula & Howie Friedman for opening their hearts and garden to K"K Chasidei Maitland!

Carolyn & Eliezer Rubin - We are grateful to the host families for keeping our community connected


Flower Beds


Sara & Edson Atwood - Thank you Emilia & Alex for your wonderful hospitality

Jane & Brad Builder

Debbie & Orin Golubtchik - In honor of Emilia and Alex and all the members of "Beit Basseches"

Shira & Avi Heller - In honor of the Basseches minyan

Marjorie & Jordan Hirsch and Family

Marcia & David Jacobowitz - Yasher Koach to the Deutsch and Mendeles families for helping us remain Lifnei Hashem

Leslie & Glen Marianko - In honor of Nechama Ari Eckman and the dedicated members of Zichron Eliezer (aka Eckman Lawn Minyan)

Elizabeth & Hillel Ribner - In honor of Bennett and Yocheved Deutsch




Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782