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Shavuot Flower Sponsorship 2019

Thank you to our sponsors:

Sara & Edson Atwood in memory of our mothers Rose Atwood & Bobby Yarmak z"l

Tzivia Bieler in memory of Bruno Bieler z"l,

who always bought flowers for shul on Shavuot

Marcy Millman & Sim Brody in memory of Stanley Millman & Irving Bernstein z"l

Tova & Larry Cohen

Joan & Warren Enker in memory of our parents

Amy & Robbie Greenberg

Avi Heller in honor of Shira Heller

Aviva & Yitzy Jacobowitz in honor of our parents Florence and Joseph Appleman

Rivi & Avi Katz in memory of Adele Kanarek z"l

Linda & Leib Koyfman in memory of our nephew Aaron Markovitch-Koyfman z"l

Leora & Jonathan Kukin & Family in honor of Savta Nussbaum's visit

The Loskove Family

Mia & Mordechai Luchins in honor of our parents

Shari & Ranon Mann in memory of our mother Vivian Mann z"l

Linda & Michael Mazin in memory of our parents

Elizabeth & Hillel Ribner

Lisa & Elliot Rothschild

in honor of the 76th Birthday of Savta Sandy (75) and Yair Mordechai (1)

Judy & Nachum Rubin

Vivienne & Steven Segal in honor of Yannai's successful liver transplant

Helen & Jon Shankman

Debby & Mark Teicher in honor of in honor of our newest granddaughter, Millie Frager

Miriam & Stephen Wallach in honor of Shari and Ranon Mann

Sandi & Saul Wasserman


Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780