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Directory Update

We are pleased to announce the restoration of a printed directory, now including family photos!

Our goal is 100% participation, to enable our members to get to know one another, and to help reinforce our special community spirit.

Please be advised that the deadline for all updates and submissions is Thursday, August 17, 2017. This is a firm deadline, and will not be extended.

The printed directory will be based on your information in the online directory.

To make sure your information is current and up-to-date, please log in to the shul website and click on this link. (As a reminder, all Hebrew names should be entered using English letters. Please do not use Hebrew letters.)

The printed directory will include a color family photograph for full members.

To submit your family photograph, please email it to It is important to include your family name with the email so that it can be properly applied to your listing.

For best results, the image should be a resolution of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). Details are still being finalized, but we expect the maximum space available for the photograph will be 4.5 inches (1350 DPI) wide by 2.0 inches (600 DPI) high. If you are not familiar with DPI, please upload the photograph in the highest format available.

You can submit a photo of any size, and we will do our best to crop it to fit nicely. A wider photo (with family members spaced out side by side) and a light-colored background will work best.

We are unable to use the photo in the online directory for the printed one for technical reasons. You will need to submit the photo via email.

Affiliate members will be listed in the directory without a photograph.

The printed directory will include each member's name, address, home and mobile phone numbers, email address and the names of children by default. You may opt out of any of these points of information if you so choose by logging in to the shul website and clicking here.

To offset the cost of printing the directory (which will be distributed for free to all full member families, and available for $10 each to affiliate members), the directory will be funded by donations and advertising opportunities.

Donation opportunities include dedication of the directory ($1,000 per dedication, $3,600 for exclusive dedication) and supporting the directory ($180 per listing). Details on donating are available to logged-in members at this link.

All ads will be printed in full color, and are available on a first-come first-served basis. The advertising opportunities include the outside back cover ($1,000), the inside front cover and the inside back cover ($750 each), a full-page on each of the tabs ($500 each, 3 available), and half-page ads ($250 each, multiple opportunities available). Details on advertising are available at this link.

The online directory remains active.  At the last shul dinner, volunteers took portait photographs for all members who signed up. These photographs have been uploaded to the online directory.

If you wish to upload your own online directory head-shot portrait, you can do so by logging in to the website and making the adjustment by looking yourself up in the online directory and selecting the View Account link on your listing. Your photograph should be square, and at least 150 by 150 pixels. (It can be larger, but will be reduced automatically.) 

Please note that moving forward, we are only accepting portraits of adult member heads-of-household in the online directory , due to image size restrictions. Children should not be included in online directory photos. (As part of the directory update project, online photographs which include children will be removed.)

If you have any questions, please email directory@rinat.orgThank you!

Rebecca Block, Amy Vogel and Yossi Faber  Directory Update Committee

Thu, August 17 2017 25 Av 5777